I am a friendly and enthusiastic team member, willing to learn new skills in the fashion industry. Moreover, I have the confidence in working in many different areas in the fashion industry
such as evening wear/ Bridal, ready -to -wear, womenswear, menswear, and childernswear.

I lived most of childhood Overseas I’ve met different cultures and traveled to many places such as Dubai, Jordan Lebanon, Qatar, Syria , Bahrain . Travelling has allowed me to expand my creativity and understand people’s wants and needs.

I am a passionate person that cares about fashion ethics and environment.
Im a motivational speaker , inspiring people to do great in this world and how life isn’t just about making money its about giving and taking

Looking at nature, architecture and everything around me inspires me to make change and create garments which are comfortable to wear.
I work well with in teams and make work fun and productive.
I also use social media networking to blog and share interesting facts about my work , fashion, quotes and nature.
I also love using paints watercolours, textures to create unique fashion illustrations.
2016 I have started my own small business and made 30 scarfs in 2 days.
I love travelling around the world and meeting new people from different cultures and getting to know everyone.
Furthermore my goals after graduating from University is to work as a fashion assistant at Australian companies, and to build a lot of contacts to expand my skills.
Moreover, I would like to gain experience about haute couture such as beading and embroidery to continue changeling my skills in order to be a successful fashion designer.

Skills I’m most confident about :
-Organisation skills/ Presentational skills
– Fashion Illustration skills
– Trend researcher / Product developer
– Designing Garments Fashion design & Concepts
– Pattern Making Manual & Gerber ( computerised)
-CAD ( Illustrator, photoshop , Indesign )
-Garment Production Methods

2016- I have started my own brand label Sara Awamleh

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