ITS ALL PINK!Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017



Lily Collins styled by duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn worn a dress by Zuahir Murad!

Collins  in a pink embroidered Chiffon dress with classic beads and crystals!

Beautifully worn !


Cross Streets Menswear Collection 2016


Profile Oufit Scuba Leather Jacket with Loose fit tee shirt and detail shorts



Top made by Sharon I have design the pants to match the jummper


Back details mesh fabric


Close up view side of the pants


Right > Tee shirt and red hood made by me!

Ive enjoyed making and designing a menswear collection with my team!

RMIT x Factorie

We have designed a menswear collection for Australian Brand Factorie!

Make sure to check out the videos  on youtube>>> 

Best of 2016 My designs!!!


Tailored Jacket Designed and made inspired by dior


Victoria Secret Design and made


Menswear Profile outfit designed and made for Australian brand factorie! Scuba jacket with leather

2016 was my last year studying fashion design and technology Associate Degree  at RMIT university.

Im currently studying Bachelor of fashion Honours at RMIT to expand my fashion design skills  !

2016 was a great year! where I have designed a  Menswear collection for factorie, and individual garments  Womenswear where I express my personality through fashion!

Its all really about making costumers happy and using comfortable unique fabrics to create new ideas to the fashion industry.

Major throwbacks such as designing and making tailored jacket inspired by Dior and how Women want to feel powerful!

then a soft elegant twist to Victoria secret I designed  a beautiful crop top and pants which is elegant and fancy its kind of different to what Victoria Secret  sells i’m bringing in the modest type of clothing back !

and then I have designed and made a unique outfit for Factorie ! Doing menswear is fun its really about the details! So Ive used scuba and did zips with triangle panels that have a mesh fabric and leather panels on jacket! I did a  basic cotton shorts with stitching details on leather panels to match the leather on the jacket!


Let me know which one was your favourite???!




Welcome to Everything About Fashion!!

Hey guys! I am so excited to be blogging about Fashion !

As you all know I am a Fashion Designer that loves to bring new ideas, inspiration, and motivation to the world !

I will be showing you guys my designs, how to make things, how to style items together and what Fashion is really all about!

Can’t wait to for this excited journey !


This is some of my design development process ! Its all about the details !!!